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Day 21: Uzhorod – Berehove

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Oct - 26 - 2010

Distance: 78.0 km
Ridetime: 4:23:37
Average: 18.8 km/h
Total distance: 1554 km

“This is what we use to grow babies” was Ana’s words as she prepared the porridge for breakfast. It also worked for a cyclist. After the goodbye which is the ever returning theme of this trip, I was riding away into a cold morning in Ukraine. As I got out of the city the roads even got icy for an hour or two before the sun had warmed everything up again. And what a joy to see the sun out in full force after more than a week.

The Ukrainian roads are, i think, the worst I have ever cycled. The biggest problem is that they are very muddy and everything on the bike, bags, shoes get covered with dirt. And that on a day without rain.

From Uzhorod the distance to the border with Romania is 175 km. Too much to cover in a single day, so I opted to leave my “office” early after just 4 hours in the saddle. I’m travelling without guide books or other touristic information so I was excited to find out what a hotel room in Ukraine would cost. 16 euro was the price I was quoted after asking at the first place I found. Certainly manageable after many Couchsurfing nights in the last week.

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