Cycling The Globe

A Cycle Touring Expedition Around The World


Posted by Thomas Andersen

Records and Statistic, updated October 2016, Copenhagen, Denmark


Days since leaving home:
2200 (including a year working in Australia)

Distance cycled:
58201 km / 36164 miles

Countries visited:

Longest distance covered in a day:
210.84 km, from Collipulli to San Carlos, Chile (flat, steady tail wind)

Longest time in the saddle in a day:
10 hours and 1 minute, into El Chaltén, Argentina

Highest average speed:
27.6 km/h over 103.13 km, from Hua Hin to Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand (strong tail wind)

Lowest average speed:
3.75 km/h!! over 12.5 km, climbing to Refugio Peñon at 3600 m, Argentina (rough dirt road, crazy steep, strong head wind, bike loaded with 20 days of food, problems with the altitude = lot of pushing)

Countries with the longest distances cycled:

  1. Australia: 5189 km
  2. Argentina: 4013 km
  3. USA: 3863 km
  4. Peru: 2997 km
  5. India: 2765 km

Number of times cycling through a red light:
20+, with police escort in Malaysia!!

Number of earthquakes:
1 (6.1, Colina, Chile)

Highest pass cycled:
4528 m, Crucero Alto, Peru

Highest altitude (hiking):
6057 m, Climbing Chachani, Arequipa, Peru

Most alcohol carried on the bike:
1.5 liters of Pálenka, given to me by friendly villagers in Romania

Most northern location:
55°N, Copenhagen, Denmark

Most southern location:
54°S, Ushuaia, Argentina

Longest distance (driven in car) to buy a liter of fresh milk:
520 km, round trip from Delmore Downs cattle station to Alice Springs and back (Australian outback)

Warmest cycling day:
44 °C (in the shade), Port Augusta, Autralian Outback, December 2012

Coldest camping night:
-13 °C, at 3780 m, Tres Cruces, Argentina, June 2014

Most difficult kilometers cycled?
Without doubt the first 10 kilometers after saying goodbye to friends and family and leaving home

Number of times racing through an Egyptian town in a police car with the sirens on

Longest period without a shower:
10 days, in an isolated part of the Andes Mountains between Argentina and Chile

Most food carried
20 days (same place as above)

Minimum expenses in a day:
Many many days at 0$ (with a bit of food and water on the bike)