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Day 1446 – 1447, Climbing Chachani: 6057 m, Yes!!

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Sep - 03 - 2014

Ever since I had turned around at 5600 m on the Huayna Potosi mountain I had been looking for another 6000 m peak to climb. My mind soon got fixated on Chachani.

For a week I had been looking up at the impressive peak from my hostel in downtown Arequipa. Together with Matthias and Barnabas from Austria plus I German couple we had not met before, it was time to go climbing again!

In fact it was the 3rd time I would be planning to climb a 6000 m peak although I never even made it to base camp on the first attempt (Cerro San Francisco in Argentina) as plans got changed around. Huayna Potosi had been quite an experience, brutally hard, and with some unlucky weather conditions. I was very determined to make it to the summit this time!

This is how it went.

From climbing the Misti volcano a week earlier I had some idea of what to expect; I knew it would be brutally cold, and that there would be suffering involved in reaching the summit.

Climbing mountains is at least as much a mental challenge as a physical one. At a certain stage your body will tell you in no uncertain terms that it is time to turn around. It requires somewhat of a strong mind to continue at this point.

The German girl never made it out of the tent at base camp, and the guy turned around not far from the summit. But, half an hour after sunrise Matthias, Barnabas, and I stood at the summit, 6057 meters above sea level. First time over 6000 meters, Yes we did it!!

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  1. Tyson White says:


  2. Fred Bouwman says:

    Way to go Thomas, a great achievement. Keep this up and you will stand on Everest one day.

  3. Thanks Fred! It’s all too easy to get addicted to these mountains 🙂 Wishing you a speedy recovery in Canada!

  4. Marie says:

    Awesome – great choice of music too 🙂

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  6. Wow. This is absolutely awesome! I’m not sure I cold do it, myself. Must have certainly been a mental challenge! But, it certainly paid off!