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Day 1986, Victoria Falls – Livingstone, Zambia!

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Mar - 27 - 2016

Distance: 14.6 km Ride time: 00:52:25 Average: 19.0 km/h Max speed: 16.7 km/h Total: 46632 km Simon and I were up early. Walking through town we could hear the thunder and see the cloud from the Victoria Falls long before we actually arrived. It is really not often that I pay to enter tourist attractions,  [ Read More ]

Day 1728, Tulum – Playa del Carmen: Ruins, Cycling, and Beer

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Jul - 12 - 2015

Distance: 62.3 km Ride time: 2:48:47 Average: 22.2 km/h Max speed: 30.2 km/h Total: 37760 km The first thing on my program this morning was to visit the Maya ruins of Tulum. I remember the site from my visit to Mexico in 2008 – not so much because of the ruins themselves, but because of  [ Read More ]

Day 1719: Tikal Ruins

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Jul - 06 - 2015

I don’t do this very often, going to a tourist attraction with entrance fees, guides, and everything. My philosophy is that the best things in life are for free. On my trip that means cycling through typical villages, chatting with locals in a restaurant, and sometimes even staying with friends (or friends of friends) like  [ Read More ]

Day 1428 – 1429: Machu Picchu

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Aug - 20 - 2014

It was not a completely trivial decision to go to Machu Picchu. A visit there would blow the normal cycling budget to pieces. The question was – would it be worth it? It turned out to be! Since there is no road to the mountain, most people go to Machu Picchu by train, but that  [ Read More ]

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Day 125: Hampi

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Feb - 13 - 2011

The temples of Hampi covers a huge area. Even though I limited myself to the very main sites, I think I ended up walking 10 km. At the end of the day I was completely knackered from the walking and the heat. Even after a hard day on the road I don’t remember being this  [ Read More ]

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Day 94: Cairo and Giza

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Jan - 09 - 2011

After feeling a bit low on energy for the last couple of days I woke up with appetite for more – today I would be going to the Giza Pyramids. The morning seemed very cloudy, or so I thought. As I got nearer to the pyramids in the outskirts of Cairo the sky suddenly cleared.  [ Read More ]

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