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6 Months After the Arrival in Copenhagen…

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Apr - 25 - 2017

It has now been 6 months and a few days since I arrived back in Copenhagen by bicycle after 2200 days on the road. Physically, life without the bike has obviously been more predictable and less nomadic. People have asked if it was an anti-climax to finish. I wouldn’t really say so. This physical adventure might be over, but there is still plenty of both physical and mental adventures to come in life.

Do I miss life on the bike? Of course I do, but not as much as I would have thought. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that winter was coming fast after I arrived back home. I was somehow happy enough to be staying indoor looking out into the cold winter mornings, rather than being out there looking into people’s houses from my bike. But there was something more to it, more than just winter, that kept me satisfied to be a little more stationary. I guess I just had my fair share of this thing called adventure over the last years, and now it felt right to slow down a little.

The first weeks I spent catching up with family and friends who I hadn’t seen for too long. Copenhagen still looked the same, but people had moved, got new jobs, found new partners, and quite a few babies had been born since I left – a sign that the world is slowly but surely moving along.

I then got a chance to show my hometown to my girlfriend who stopped by for a visit. Life was certainly not as solo as it once was, which was a very good thing. Denmark put on a nice show of clear although very cold days, and Manon got a chance to see where this strange bicycle guy she had chosen to be with came from. Northern Europe was nice, but this was not where we would stay… Instead we took an airplane across the Atlantic to semi-settle down in our adopted hometown of Cali, Colombia.

Thus, the winter hasn’t been that tough to get through this year. I now enjoy the fact that I can go for a walk and randomly bump into people I know. The six years on the bike still makes me appreciate the comfort that I now happily enjoy every day; a real bed, a warm shower, a washing machine, the ability to keep my phone charged, and reasonably stable internet.

For the past months I have been busy going through most of the Cycling The Globe material. The old hard disks that hold the tens of thousands of photos and hours of videos have been plugged in again, bringing back lots of memories from the corners of the world. I have also managed to finish the blog which now contains a diary entry from every single cycling day. Finally, I have started writing “The Book” about the trip! I’m now 40.000 words or about half way into it, and once again writing about my experiences has brought back fantastic memories from places and people that mean so much to me. The book will be in English and I expect to write the final pages later this year. Stand by on this channel for more information 🙂

And so, from Cali I send the very best spring wishes to everyone around the world. As always, thanks for being a part of this journey.


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10 Responses so far.

  1. Tony says:

    Great write up Thomas – we don’t often get to read a “six months after” write up from travelers, so very interesting. Put my name down for a signed copy of your book 😉

  2. Hi Tony. Thanks a lot for the nice comment. Hope everything is great in NZ and that you get to do some cycling to make progress on your “cycling all streets of Wellington” project. And absolutely yes, a signed copy will be on it’s way to Wellington soon 🙂


  3. An expected, but very welcome, update! Looking forward to the book, also. Put me down for a signed copy, also. 🙂

  4. Hi Stephen! Glad to know you liked the expected update, hihi 🙂 Best wishes from Colombia, and looking forward to follow your own ride when time comes!


  5. Really looking forward to reading your book, Thomas!

  6. Suzanne Jager says:

    Have thought of you many times Thomas, missed seeing you almost every day on the road!!! This write up was a welcome message from you and I’m so glad you are enjoying life, especially where it’s always summer!! Looking forward to reading your book. God Bless you Thomas and thank you so much for sharing your adventure with me!!!

  7. Hi Suzanne. Great to hear from you again – and yes, I also miss writing the daily updates even though I’m now focusing on some other writing – the upcoming book 🙂 Thanks for coming along on the ride. Best wishes from Cali, Colombia!


  8. John O2 says:

    It was very interesting to read about your after journey feelings. You are an inspiration to me Thomas!!!

  9. Lucy says:

    Hi Thomas!

    I just wondered how your book is getting on? Looking forward to reading it 🙂

  10. Hi Lucy! Great to hear from you… The book is now 80% done, and I’m working hard to finish it in the next month or so 🙂 Best wishes, Thomas