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The Book is Ready!

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Feb - 22 - 2018

Dear reader,

It took a while, but my book “He Who Cycled – A Ride to the End of the World and Back” is now available!

If you are interested – get a copy at:

Best wishes,


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4 Responses so far.

  1. Tyler from Chicago says:

    Hi Thomas! I’m ordering my copy right now, can’t wait to read it when it gets to me. You should do another Reddit AMA to promote the book! Those were always really popular and its how I first found out about you!

    Best wishes from Chicago!

  2. John Wiles says:

    hi thomas,great news about the book. would like to purchase one of them, can you please sign the book and also ‘stick’ one of your QSL cards to the inside cover page. please let me know to what address to send money and donation for your your next venture. all the very very best to you and your wife ? 73 & 88 de G4WQZ/G8IRS

  3. Hi John,

    Sorry for being late with the reply from your comment. I would love to send you a signed book and a QSL card, but right now I’m in Colombia and will not be back in Europe (where my book is being shipped from) before the end of April. If you can wait 1½ month I will send it then. Otherwise I can also have the unsigned book sent from Germany right away. Which option do you prefer?


    Thomas OZ1AA

  4. Morten says:

    Great book Thomas! Who would have thought you were such a good writer!?
    I highly recommend the book to anybody wanting to get a better understanding of what 6 years of cycling the globe is like.