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Day 94: Cairo and Giza

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Jan - 09 - 2011

After feeling a bit low on energy for the last couple of days I woke up with appetite for more – today I would be going to the Giza Pyramids.

The morning seemed very cloudy, or so I thought. As I got nearer to the pyramids in the outskirts of Cairo the sky suddenly cleared. It had just been a huge cloud of smog hanging over the city center.

The pyramids are indeed impressive. While the tourists were out in numbers it was also possible to find some very quite spots. I sat down with my Kindle and read for 2 hours right next to to the Grand Pyramid. Possibly the most fascinating place I have ever sat down and enjoyed a good book.

The photos came out great. Enjoy the tour!

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6 Responses so far.

  1. Marie says:

    Great photos indeed!

  2. Mor says:

    Tak for synet og turen, Thomas

  3. Morten says:

    I wanna come 😉

  4. Diego says:

    Thomas…the riding Pharaoh!Godt nytaar!

    It is truly impressive what you are doing. A lifetime experience…keep on enjoying it… and sharing a daily bit with us!!!

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  6. Reading right next to a pyramid. That must have been such a strange experience!