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Day 1181, Ushuaia – Lago Escondido: What am I doing here?

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Dec - 20 - 2013

Distance: 40.08 km
Ride time: 2:26:21
Average: 16.5 km/h
Total: 20677 km

OK, enough talk about Australian cattle stations and hanging out in Buenos Aires. Now to what this blog is really about; cycling 🙂

At the hostel in the morning I met Enrico from who is also cycling around the world. He had just arrived from Buenos Aires as well, but by bicycle. Now he would continue north. Enrico had many tips that I will find useful for cycling myself.

I found the thought of leaving Ushuaia quite hard, having the same feelings as when I left Darwin for the Australian outback – this time I was not afraid of the heat, but of the cold though. On the other hand I have now gained some experience from all this cycling, and I knew it would only be hard to leave. After that, everything tends to fall into place nicely.

Ushuaia is a small place. When I was buying food in the supermarket I met a nice couple from Singapore/Malaysia that I had talked to yesterday. They were just about to leave on a cruise to Antarctica. I would be going north instead.

It was almost 6 pm. when I finally was ready to leave town. Luckily, if there is one thing that this place has it is daylight hours. It doesn’t get dark until 11 pm. so I would still have the chance to make a short first day out of it.

Just as I left Ushuaia the clouds parted and I saw the city in some sunlight for the first time.

Normally cycling in 5 degrees should be doable, but I have spent a long time in Australia and Buenos Aires getting used to much warmer temperatures. In the end it turned out OK. I found that as long as I cycled everything was fine, but while taking breaks I was getting cold fast.

When I turned around the next corner it started to rain, and I was at some point thinking: What am I doing here. I would prefer a few degrees more, so I better make it further north fast.

I then met a Russian cyclist who had been pedalling from Venezuela. Dmitry had some good tips about the route ahead. Among other things he mentioned a bakery in the next town where cyclists were invited to stay for free. For tonight I was however happy to find a flat spot of grass to pitch my tent. It was drizzling as I put it up, and I must admit that I was dreaming about more tropical places.

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3 Responses so far.

  1. Tony Graham says:

    Wonderful to see that you are underway again Thomas. Looking forward to your updates over the next months, even years to come. I’m fascinated by every days cycling and adventuring you write up for us.

  2. Thanks Tony! It is truly great to be back on the road.

  3. Martin says:

    Great post Thomas. Thanks much for sharing your KMs with us!
    Best 73.

    Martin, LU5DX