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Day 1212, The Red House – El Chaltén: Saved by the Rain

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Jan - 20 - 2014

Distance: 133.61 km
Ride time: 10:01:45
Average: 13.35 km/h
Total: 21993 km

I had set my alarm clock for 5 am, aiming for another early start to try to beat the wind. I like getting up early to catch the sunrise. Further south it was almost impossible as the sun would rise at 3:30. These days I’m a bit further north, making it possible to enjoy the beautiful morning colors.

I left Ruta 40 and turned towards El Chalten. For the next 90 km I would be heading straight into the wind along a lake. This is a recipe that will send shivers down the spine on any Patagonian cyclist.

Just as I turned left I saw rainy clouds ahead. On a stretch like this, rain is a pure blessing; as soon as it started to rain the wind slowed down and I was able to make progress much faster than I had thought. I was starting to believe I would be able to make it to Chaltén, something I would have deemed completely unrealistic in the morning.

I kept turning the pedals, but the rain slowed down and the wind picked up. At the last 10 km into El Chaltén I was getting really tired as I had been cycling for more than 10 hours. When I saw a good wild camp spot I thought I might as well stay and save the cost of night in town. It had been a long and hard day, but I was thrilled to have made it this far.

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