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Day 79: Aqaba – Nuweiba, Egypt

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Dec - 29 - 2010

Distance: 18.37 km
Ridetime: 0:48:07
Average: 22.9 km/h
Total distance: 4002 km

On the short 20 km ride from Aqaba to the ferry terminal for Egypt I passed the 4000 km mark. In a way it feels like I left Copenhagen yesterday. On the other hand I already have so many great memories from the last two and half months on the road that it feels longer.

On the ferry I met John from Australia. Being a teacher he has 7 weeks holiday every (Australian) summer. Great job if you like to travel.

Egypt is country number 10 on the trip. Arriving at the Nuweiba port, we were told to go to a bank and buy the 15 dollar visa which was then glued into the passport at the border office.

The coast from Nueweiba and all the way down to Dahab is known as a backpacker’s paradise with countless beach camps. I found a great camp consisting of 20 huts on the beach. I had expected the area to be rather crowded due to the Christmas holidays, but to my surprise it was practically empty. In my camp we are 5 persons.

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