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Day 98: Al Minya – Luxor

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Jan - 13 - 2011

Distance: 78.37 km
Ridetime: 3:15:18
Average: 21.0 km/h
Total distance: 4329 km

Feeling well rested after a sound 9 hour sleep I was looking forward for more riding. The first 70 km were smooth cycling through rural villages along the Nile. Then I was asked to stop at another police check point. Only, this time a personal police escort was not enough. The officer indicated I needed to put the bike into a car. Seconds after we were racing through town with full sirens on. Now I am not an expert in the field, but if we were really trying to hide from dangerous terrorists I would probably have suggested a method that would draw a little less attention.

I couldn’t help finding the whole thing somewhat fascinating. After all you don’t get the chance to drive police cars with sirens on every day.

At some point we stopped next to another police car across the road and I was told to change car. As I started unloading my bike I surprisingly noticed an Asiatic looking cyclist doing the same on the other side.

It turned out to be a Hiroki from Japan who had been on the road for one and a half year and now heading up to Europe. We had a very short chat before we had to put our bikes back in the opposite cars. What a bizarre road side meeting!

Hiroki mentioned there would be police escorts all the way to Luxor. At that time I had enough of it so I decided to jump on a train.

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  1. Mor says:

    En sjov historie. jeg forstår ikke rigtigt formålet med politiescorte, nå men pyt…

  2. Morten says: