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Day 178: Bang Khem – Hua Hin

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Apr - 03 - 2011

Distance: 91.38 km
Ridetime: 02:59:53
Average: 30.5 km/h. Record!
Total distance: 8185 km

I woke up to discover a broken spoke on my tire. Being a pretty lousy mechanic myself (apart from fixing flat tires) I’m certainly not comfortable when something is wrong with the bike.

In the next town I asked for a bike shop. A friendly guy draw a map for me, and soon I was explaining, or rather pointing and showing, the problem to a bike mechanic. The guy didn’t hesitate and started to solve the problem on the spot. Within 10 minutes the spoke was fixed and the wheel tuned. Asking about the price, the owner of the shop held up two fingers. This could mean either 200 or 20 bhat. I would have happily payed 200 (4.6 €) to have a functional wheel again, but the price was indeed only 20 bhat! If the bike has to brake down, I certainly hope it will happen in Thailand.

Back on the road the weather was still cloudy and rainy. Normally this isn’t exactly dream weather for a cyclist, but I was having a blast. The reason was the strong tailwind. Actually I didn’t cycle particularly fast the first 70 km, but on the last 25 km I gave it all I had. Cycling with more than 40 km/h on dead flat roads is great fun!

Hua Hin is a resort town with many German and Scandinavian visitors. Once again it felt very wired to see Danish signs in the streets. On the other hand the weather felt more like a Danish autumn day than tropical summer. We only got a little rain. I later learned that the southern provinces had severe problems with flooding.

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