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Day 204: Georgetown – Taiping

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on May - 04 - 2011

Distance: 89.82 km
Ridetime: 04:17:31
Average: 20.9 km/h
Total distance: 9686 km

Last night yet another cyclist arrived at the hostel in Love Lane. It was Alfred from Germany who has been on the road for exactly two years. I don’t know why, but Georgetown and in particular our hostel functions as a magnet for cyclists.

As Marius from Holland was also heading down to Kuala Lumpur we had decided to cycle together. First Marius had to go to the hospital for a rabies vaccine after a dog bite in Thailand – yes, dogs really like cyclists!

After the short ferry ride back to the mainland it was smooth cycling down to Taiping. As we entered the city it started to rain. We later learned that it rains in Taiping for an hour or two every day throughout the year.

In the evening I was going to meet radio friends Sham and Jamil. I was very surprised to learn that they were not only radio amateurs but also keen cyclists.

I was even given a team cycle shirt as a gift, and plans were made to form a group of people to join Marius and myself for the first 50 km of the ride tomorrow. Thanks for such a great welcome!

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4 Responses so far.

  1. 9W2OCC Sham says:

    nice to meet you Tom,,,
    Hope you enjoy cycling in Malaysia,,,
    and feel the warm welcome at any destination you stop over,,,
    73 88,,,

  2. Jamell Chiru says:

    Thanks hehehe very nice picture, hope we meet again.

  3. MRINAL says:

    HI Thomas OZ1AA ITS A VERY BEAUTIFUL WORLD !!!I AM SURE UR ENJOYING UR CYCLING TRIP TO MALAYSIA too . Glad U met Sham 9W2OCC & Jamell (Call Sign ??) Sham & Jamell my gretings & best wishes to u & Family & all Malaysian Hams friends.
    de vu3vqu mrinal qth CALCUTTA INDIA

  4. Hi Mrinal,
    You are right. I’m not exaggerating when I say that the welcome I have received in Malaysia has been absolutely mindblowing!
    Also greetings to everyone in Calcutta!