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Day 258: Mojokerto – Probolingo

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Jul - 09 - 2011

Distance: 112.61 km
Ridetime: 05:15:56
Average: 21.4 km/h
Total distance: 12537 km

As Yuni was leaving for her job in Surabaya at 6 in the morning, I was also on my bike early. In many countries the roads would be empty at 6 o’clock, but Indonesians are early risers. The traffic was once again terrible.

I was heading towards Probolingo and yet another Couchsurfing meeting with Reza, a young computer guy running an internet cafe and video rental shop in town. Reza’s family is originally from China. I had read that the Chinese people in Indonesia would often be among the more wealthy and typically run the shops. It is always interesting to see if what you read fits into what you see. This time it did.

After a nice evening with Reza in his internet cafe talking about travelling I went to bed early. Tomorrow I will be climbing the Bromo vulcano.

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