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Day 261: Situbondo – Negara

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Jul - 10 - 2011

Distance: 116.84 km
Ridetime: 05:21:55
Average: 21.8 km/h
Total distance: 12750 km

After almost a month on Java I was excited about reaching the ferry to Bali. The last 100 km the road had followed the coast resulting in some very enjoyable cycling. Almost like cycling on the beach itself. Simply lovely!

As I have experienced before, ferries are very cheap in Indonesia. Crossing from Java to Bali costs around a euro. I had expected to see many tourists already on the ferry, but I was apparently the only one.

Once on the island I cycled 30 km to the nearest village and looked for a hotel. I ended up in a very local place, even more local than many places in Java. I think the tourists just stick to the southern part of Bali.

Tomorrow I have two possible destinations. The first one is Ubud, a quiet village in the mountains known for it’s art. The other option is Kuta, the most popular party beach and surfer’s hangout on Bali. Guess I will decide tomorrow.

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  1. Marta says:

    just go to both places!! you have the time with you!