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Day 286: Barrow Creek – Woodforde Well

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Dec - 06 - 2011

Distance: 142.62 km
Ridetime: 07:07:27
Average: 20.2 km/h
Total distance: 14142 km

For the fist time in weeks I did experience something that would resemble a tail wind. It only lasted for half an hour, but even 20 km of smooth cruising certainly lifted the spirits. Soon the wind was back where it seems to belong here in Australia – right in the face!

I reached Tea Tree in time for lunch. I have been seeing signs for the last 300 km but when I arrived the place only consisted of 5 houses. I bought a little food in the expensive shop just to be sure I have enough to reach Alice Springs.

The only thing more straight than Stuart Highway seems to be the railway that also crosses Australia from north to south.

Apart form the crack in my back wheel rim that I discovered a couple of days ago, my bike is now developing another problem. The chain and chain ring are now so used (I have not changed either since I bought the bike 18000 km ago!) that the chain slips every time I put some power into the pedals. Once I reach cruising speed on flat grounds everything is still OK. I’m not hoping to meet any big mountains.

Apart from the bike I’m also beginning to feel rather worn out myself. Usually I have a break every 3 or 4 days – mostly because I arrive in an interesting place where it seems worth spending an extra day. The thing is that a rest day wouldnt make any sense out here. There really isnt anything else to do but keep cycling. Once I reach Alice Springs tomorrow (hopefully!) it will be a big milestone.

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4 Responses so far.

  1. anne Marie Norby says:

    Kære Thomas
    Det må føles trøstesløst med en så lang lige strækning,udtrykket in the middle of nowhere, giver pludselig mening …kan jeg forestille mig.
    … elsker billedet af vandtanken 🙂
    Bedste ønsker om vind i ryggen den sidste strækning fra en hvidklædt og julelig hovedstad midt i Atlanten
    Kh Anne Marie

  2. Vishnu MUR thy says:

    Hi Tom, Nice to see your Adventurous journey, I remember your visit to my place and our visit to Village house of vu2rct with vu2pai. You are lucky man to visit the whole world, studying different people.

    I wish you good luck, 73s

    Mur / vu2mtt

  3. Thomas says:

    Hej Anne Marie,

    Ogsaa en julehilsen er fra Alice Springs (37 grader i dag!). Haaber I har det godt deroppe. Jeg kunne forstaa at det var lidt blaesevejr den anden dag.


  4. Thomas says:

    Hi Mur,

    Great to hear from you. I’m having a great time in Australia but I also miss India! Greetings to all the people in Mangalore!