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Day 793: Desert Oaks – South Australia Border

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Dec - 07 - 2012

Distance: 130.5 km
Ridetime: 7:29:28
Average: 17.4 km/h
Max speed: 26.8 km/h
Total distance: 14587 km

I was happy I found a good cover for my tent as we got the whole show last night. Thunder, lightning and a tropical downpour. My tent is very waterproof, but when the lights are zipping around you it is a nice feeling to have a little protection over your head. I must have been rather tired, because I even managed to sleep through most of the it.

When something goes up it must come down, so of course the wonderful tail wind yesterday had turned into a very insistent head wind. I had kind of hoped that the 1500 km of head wind I flighted from Darwin to Alice Springs would be payed back now, but that was not to be.

Sometimes my speed got as low as 13-14 km/h, the same speed I used to ride up Alpe d’Huez. Anyway, I kept pushing towards the South Australia border. It’s good to see that the legs have not forgot the 1 year torture they have already been through :-)

At the border I met Gakuto, another cyclist from Japan who had made his way down from Darwin as well. He said he had never tried a head wind like this on his whole trip.

The temperature, around 36 degree C during in the shadow at 2 pm, was starting to feel hot. As long as you cycle the wind will act like natural air conditioning, but when you stop for a drink in the middle of nowhere it feels hot. I’m rather excited about how the temperature will develop before I reach Adelaide. I will among other things have to cross Coober Pedy, one of the hottest places in Australia.

I have spent more than one year in Australia but haven’t left the Northern Territory yet! As Gakuto and I pitched our tents we were about 2 meters from the border.

Tomorrow will bring the beginning of the Simpson dessert!

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