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Day 840-842: Sydney

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Jan - 23 - 2013

To say that I was well looked after in Sydney would be an understatement. My friend Vanessa had thought of anything I would possibly need and prepared it before I arrived. A bike box for my flight to New Zealand, bus tickets to go around the city, extra keys for the apartment, and a fridge full of food! I was really feeling spoiled!

My legs were tired after the ride from Melbourne, but there were so many things to do and great people to meet that I was finding it hard to just sit down and relax.

Apart from enjoying the harbour and beaches I was able to meet friends I had not seen for several years. Add to that a family dinner with Vanessa’s family and an 8 course Chinese dinner at a nice restaurant, and I might have gained a kilo or two during my stay.

Sydney seems to be a popular place to settle down. Once you have been there, even for a few days, it’s easy to understand why!

Thanks to Vanessa and Cyrille for an amazing stay in Sydney!

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