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Day 854: Tarras – Wanaka

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Feb - 07 - 2013

Distance: 37.4 km
Ridetime: 1:37:48
Average: 23.4 km/h
Max speed: 45.6 km/h
Total distance: 18640 km

It turned out that Phil’s place where I had been invited to stay last night was indeed his private house but also functioned as a small backpacker hostel – without other guests though. Phil hadn’t talked about money, but I left 20$ in the morning as thanks for the bed and beers.

On the ride into Wanaka something went wrong with my tire. I had put on new tires in Christchurch trying a new brand. Sometimes it is good to try new things, but other times you get disappointed.

I could still cycle into Wanaka where I headed for the first bike shop. I was very happy when the guy in the bike shop said “I have just the right tire for you” and gave me a Continental Super Sport with Anti Puncture Belt. This is my favorite tire that I used to ride 4000 km across Egypt and India with only one flat!

Sometimes you should stick with what you know works. This tire should get me through New Zealand without further problems.

For the rest of the day I took it easy. I spent some hours at the lake using one of the free BBQ’s and made the short hike up Mount Iron to enjoy the view.

Tomorrow I plan another hike.

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