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Day 866: Motueka

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Mar - 07 - 2013

Sorry, no photos of New Zealand’s grandiose landscapes today.

Yesterday was supposed to be my rest day, but with 50 km of mountainouscycling and 4 hours of hiking I decided it didn’t really count as such. Today would be the rest day then.

At my camp site I met a friendly Danish couple travelling with their 3 kids. They couldn’t understand how I’m able to keep a budget of around 10$ a day. Of course, travelling with kids is a whole different thing. Even though I try to meet as many locals as possible while travelling, it is always nice to meet people from home. There is a special connection, and it feels nice to be reminded that a place called home exists, even though it is far away.

I managed to update the blog, write my emails, and book a ferry ticket to the North Island in a few days. Tomorrow it is back on the bike.

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