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Day 876: Lake Ohakuri – Tauranga

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Oct - 04 - 2013

Distance: 107.05 km
Ride time: 4:45:41
Average: 22.48 km/h
Total: 20378 km

I had slept very well in my bed at Annas farm. I bed for the night is pure luxury these days. So was the breakfast that I enjoyed before taking off. Anna’s mom even made me some delicious sandwiches from the roasted lamb leftovers. I almost couldn’t wait for my first break of the day where I could eat them.

Anna drove me to the main highway (the farm is on a dirt road which is not good for my bike) and we said our goodbyes. Life on the road is full of quick hellos and goodbyes.

Rotorua is famous for its geothermal activities such as its geysers and hot mud pools. I skipped these as cycling makes me feel refreshed enough, but I enjoyed my wonderful lamb sandwiches by the lake.

Later in the day I made it to Tauranga. The first feeling I got when I got there was that it was somewhat of a fancy place. I couldn’t remember having seen a place this flash in NZ before, but then again I have mostly been in the country side. Here I found expensive restaurants, expensive cars, and expensive fashion shops. From my guide book I learned that Tauranga is indeed a popular weekend getaway destination for upper class Aucklanders.

I cycled out to the beach area where big cruise ships were lined up at the harbour. This is also where Mount Maunganui rises. I went for a quick hike to the summit as the sun was setting.

Looking for a wild camp spot I thought that the local football oval would work well. In a corner hidden between trees I pitched my tent, wrote my dairy, and got ready for the night. One day staying with a good friend on her farm, the next camping at a football field. It isn’t boring out here on the road.

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