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Day 1187, Bahia Inutil – Punta Arenas: Tierra del Fuego Conquered

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Dec - 27 - 2013

Distance: 52.69 km
Ride time: 3:32:48
Average: 15.82 km/h
Total: 21097 km

Waking up to the sound of waves has always been a favourite of mine, and that was exactly what I heard when I opened my eyes in the fishermans hut in the morning. We had decided to start early and were rolling by 6.

Starting to ride early is a very wise choice in Patagonia, as the winds are usually bit more quite. Much to our surprise the winds stayed calm the whole day. Cycling along the coastal road with the sun out as well, this was a perfect goodbye to Tierra del Fuego.

As we were rolling down a hill (until now we had needed to cycle hard downhill as well) we were invited to tea by a friendly group of Germans in their 4WD autocamper. They were touring around South America as well and couldn’t understand how we could do with as little stuff as we have. In total they had 4 tonnes of stuff on their wheels 🙂

We were then enjoying a final beautiful stretch of road into Porvenir, from where we would take the ferry over to mainland South America.

We had now finally conquered Tierra del Fuego including the wind and dirt road this beautiful island at the end of the world had thrown at us. Spirits were high!

The ferry would not leave before 8 pm, so we had plenty of time to hang around and eat a healthy steak dinner and four ice creams each.

As the ferry left to take us across the Strait of Magellan we saw dolphins playing in the cold water below. The famous crossing was beautiful, but Petter and I were so tired that we wished the crossing would end sooner rather than later so we could find a place to sleep. The lasts days had been hard!

At 11 pm we finally rolled into a hostel/camp site after cycling through what seemed to be a red light district. I guess Punta Arenas is a sailor’s city after all.

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