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Day 1243: Leleque – El Bolson

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Feb - 20 - 2014

Distance: 70.04 km
Ride time: 4:36:24
Average: 15.20 km/h
Total: 23312 km

We were expecting more of the strong winds we had experienced yesterday but luckily things were more quiet today. The temperature on the other hand is still rather cold, probably around 10 degrees. We are still mostly wearing hats and sometimes gloves. At some point during the day we saw the first outdoor swimming pool since leaving Ushuaia, so sometimes it will be warm here. The locals tell us it has been a very cold “summer” so far.

Cycling with Michael is different from going alone. First of all you have to agree on the same cycling speed. Then, sometimes one of us will increase the speed, maybe because we are listening to a particular good song. The other person will then follow along, and suddenly we are going full speed, taking turns being in front, in true True de France style. It’s fun and good training for sure.

In the early afternoon we arrived in El Bolson, sooner than we had expected due to some fast riding. We thought that we deserved a beer so we went to one of the many breweries in town.

As we enjoyed our beer it started to rain. Usually it doesn’t rain too hard in these parts, but suddenly we found ourselves in the middle of some very heavy rain while looking for a place to sleep. We had thought about the local camp site, but with the rain we soon decided to check into a hostel as well. It seemed like all the people who usually stay in the camp site had the same idea, so the two first places we checked were full. Luckily the 3rd one had free beds.

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