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Day 1253-1254: Pucon

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Feb - 28 - 2014

While traveling with Michael, on the rest days we are eating very well. During one of the days in Pucon we decided to do a BBQ. In the supermarket we bought two nice pieces of meat, a kilo of sussages, and 1½ liter of red wine. What more do you really need?

Michael, the food artist.

Our neighbors at the camp site looked impressed as we were preparing our BBQ in true local style.

Later we went out with a rock musisian from Santiago. Alejandro was coming to terms with quiting the rock life, leaving Santiago, and marry a girl down south, he told us while we were having a few beers.

And so our days in Pucon continued with more good food, relaxing at the camp site, and checking out town. A good way to spend a few days before continuing towards Santiago!

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  1. A BBQ! What a wonderful way to end the day!