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Day 1258, San Carlos – Talca: A Close Relationship

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Mar - 05 - 2014

Distance: 88.48 km
Ride time: 4:05:25
Average: 21.68 km/h
Total: 24361 km

I’m getting used to life on the Highway by now. It seems like it is always possible to find a free place to put the tent near a restaurant or at a gas station. So, basically I’m not only spending all my waking hours on the highway, but I’m sleeping right next to it as well. A close relationship.

Last night the restaurant where I had put my tent had been busy. Most of these places stay open all night, and many of the truck drivers spent the night next to the restaurant as well. This was why I was very surprised to find that I was the only one around in the morning – the trucks must have left at night when the restaurant closed.

The legs were still tired from yesterday’s 200 km record, so I took it easy with plenty of breaks. There is always a kiosk, a gas station, or even a supermarket next to the road. Yesterday I had given myself a carte blanche to buy all the food and drink I felt like. Today I had to remind myself about the daily food budget and try to stay within the limits.

As I was cycling the last kilometers of the day I got my first flat tire in South America. The Schwalbe tires have been holding up well, even on the rough dirt roads, but perhaps they are getting worn out after almost 4000 km. I might have to look for replacements in Santiago.

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