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Day 1261, Chimbarongo – Rengo: The End is Near

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Mar - 11 - 2014

Distance: 63.42 km
Ride time: 3:04:26
Average: 20.68 km/h
Total: 24527 km

I have had very mixed feelings about cycling on the Ruta 5 highway. In one way I have been enjoying the easy cycling (the wind has now been in my favour for 800 km!) but I’m also getting really really tired of the noise and pollution from the trucks.

When I look to my right I see the Andes Mountains. This is where I’m looking forward to go now. Oh well, only another 100 km to Santiago.

During the day I was beginning to see signs that prohibited cycling on the highway itself. Sometimes there was a local road I could take instead, but other times I had to use the highway. A couple of police cars passed as I was cycling there, but luckily no one seemed to care.

I’m now in prime wine country with the grapes growing right next to the road. There are wineries as well where you could go and taste the wine, but so far I will be saving that experience for later.

Today my thanks go to Copec for a free place to stay. Petrol station camping has been an interesting experience, but now I’m looking forward to sleep in a real bed tomorrow where I will hopefully arrive in Santiago.

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