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Day 1307: Vila Union – Miranda

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on May - 21 - 2014

Distance: 68.20 km
Ride time: 4:31:46
Average: 15.11 km/h
Total: 26038 km

Petter had decided to try to hitch hike his way north for a couple of days, so from the morning I was alone on the road again. I cycled out of Vila Union and asked a police officer if it was possible to cycle on Route 40 towards Chilecito. He gave a quick nod, and I was on my way. I knew the road was closed for cars and buses who would need to do a 200 km detour, so I was happy that it was possible to get through on the bike.

Just after lunch I passed the 26000 km mark. When I passed 25000 km a while ago together with Petter we had a nice celebration. Today I just took a quick photo and continued onwards.

During the last two days I had got used to some easy cycling with the road descending. Now I was climbing again. The first half of the day gently, the last half more steep. The problem was that I was not sure when the climb would end. I made a short stop at a store and asked the owner who said ‘another 10 kilometers and downhill from there’. When I had cycled 15 km the road was still climbing, and it was getting dark. That was when I decided to put up the tent for the night.

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