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Day 1311 – 1314: Fiambala Rest Days

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on May - 29 - 2014

Petter arrived in Fiambala the day after me, after hitch hiking the last 320 km. I had cycled the same distance in 4 days, so interestingly enough cycling seems to be the faster option. Petter told that there were simply too few cars passing him going in the right direction to make any good progress.

We were now planning the next stage of our mountain adventure, aiming to cycle towards Paso San Francisco and climbing the 6000 m mountain next to the pass. This time we figured we would only need 10 days of food, compared to 20 last time we left for the mountains.

Since we were staying at a camp site we decided that our budgets would allow us to eat out. We found a very cosy restaurant with a friendly owner where we usually had our lunch and dinner.

I have really liked the villages out here in this remote part of Argentina close to the mountains. Apart from the Andes Mountains, Fambiala is also surrounded by sand dunes and the Dakar Rally has passed by several times.

After a last trip to the supermarket to buy our last supplies we felt ready to hit the mountains again.

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