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Day 1367: Salta la Linda

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Jun - 15 - 2014

It easy to fall in love with this place, known as Salta la Linda. The colonial architecture, the tourism friendliness, the weather, and the natural scenery all adds up to a place that would be hard not to like.

I walk around town could start with a trip up the San Bernardo hill. You could walk up there or you can take the cable car. Since I figured I will get enough exercise during the next year I took the cable car up and walked down. Compared to the busy town center, this place is peaceful and you are breathing fresh mountain air.

Back down in town, a walking tour would take you to the central Plaza – a place full of life, in the shadow of the colonial style buildings.

A look into the neoclassical Cathedral.

For the night I joined a BBQ at my hostel. A sure way to meet fellow travelers and make new friends. As I have often stayed at camp sites or wild camped, I had somehow forgot how social it is to stay at these hostels.

On my last night I was sad to leave Salta, but as I have left my Bianchi road bike with Manuel in town, I plan to come back and pick it up after reaching La Paz. Looking forward to see you again, Salta la Linda.

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2 Responses so far.

  1. Martin LU5DX says:

    Beautiful Salta Thomas! I’ve never been to Salta myself. Thanks for showing us so many places in my country and the world over.
    Hope these blog posts turn into a book some day!

    VY 73.

    Martin, LU5DX

  2. Thomas says:

    You are very welcome Martin. Some truly beautiful places up there in Northern LU, and now I’m very excited to be in CP! Take care and catch you later! 73