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Day 1376 – 1378: Villazón, Bolivia

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Jun - 28 - 2014

It seems like they don’t use any kind of indoor heating here in Bolivia. I’m staying in what is apparently the nicest hotel in town, but the temperature in my room gets down to 5 degrees at night. In the day it is probably around 10 – too cold to really stay there unless you are under the 3 blankets.

It didn’t matter much though. Being in a new country I would rather walk around exploring all the new things.

The first thing to notice was hats and clothes worn by many of the indigenous people. A photographers dream, but the women are not always happy to have their photos taken. I wish I had a better zoom objective.

Even though the nights are bitterly cold, at midday when the sun is high on the sky it still gets reasonable warm – warm enough to enjoy an ice cream on the central square.

When you are in a new country there is always a bit of adjustments to do. I was going out to have dinner at the time I would normally do in Argentina – around 9. That was a mistake. The main street that had been so full of people a few hours earlier was now deserted. They obviously eat earlier here. Oh well, biscuits for dinner tonight, and tomorrow I will have to be on time 🙂

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  1. Pathy says:

    bbrrr…i feel cold now 🙂