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Day 1437 – 1438, Salinas – Arequipa: Back on the Gringo Trail

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Sep - 01 - 2014

Distance: 35.25 km
Ride time: 2:28:13
Average: 14.25 km/h
Altitude: 2335 m
Total: 28866 km

I woke up to a beautiful view over the Misti volcano – if all goes well I hope to stand up there on the top in a few days 🙂

I had slept at over 4000 m, and as I knew Arequipa (which I could already see far below) is located at 2300 m, I was looking forward to an easy day in the office…

The shortcut I had found yesterday would save me 50 km of cycling, but I had to pay in terms of a rather horrible road. It was not as bad as this road I took in Argentina a few months ago, but it came close.

I was now rapidly loosing altitude, and as a result the temperature was rising. I first took off my hat and gloves, then my jacket, and finally I was cycling in my T-shirt. This was like taking an airplane from Denmark to Egypt – I liked it! The altiplano has been a unique experience, but I’m ready for some summer again!

Arequipa is the 2nd biggest city in Peru with over a million inhabitants. I had heard that the historical city center would be a beautiful place, but for now I was passing another side of Arequipa – the poorer suburbs. On a bicycle you get to see all the sides of the cities you pass through.

Finally I was in the city center, checking into my hostel. Plenty of backpackers from all over the world – and a few of them only waking up as I was checking in at the hostel at 2 pm. The party is apparently also not bad around here 🙂 Three days of mountain cycling in the middle of nowhere, and then suddenly back at the Gringo Trail – I like this combination!

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  1. Check out my arequipeno friends @ They ride out on Saturdays and are a fun and friendly group. Look back a few years on my occasional blog, have fun, A

  2. Hey Alan! Thanks for the link, looks great! Cheers