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Day 1441 – 1445: Arequipa, Between Climbs

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Sep - 02 - 2014

Coming back from the mountains, you are usually not worth a whole lot the next day. Then you slowly return to life again…

Arequipa would soon turn out to be a very good place to stay put for a while. In fact, the city was just the kind of place I had been dreaming about for a while; Perfect climate, cheap place to stay, good food, some history, and most importantly great people!

Hanging out with Aldo and Bea from the Misti climb, the days went by fast. One day we went to a classical concert for a much needed cultural injection. I have spent the last half year cycling through some amazing and rough landscapes, but there hasn’t been much culture out there.

Other days were spent at the market eating the famous ceviche dish (fish salad). The locals warned that eating the cheap dish at the market might not be the best idea, but our stomachs survived.

At the hostel I met two Austrians who were as keen as myself to climb the 6057 Chachani mountain looming over the city. Another mountain adventure was about to begin…

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