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Day 1476 – 1481: Even More Arequipa…

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Sep - 29 - 2014

When I finally returned to Arequipa I was welcomed by Aldo and his two Croatian friends. With my camera now back in working order I could take a few more photos of this beautiful city, located the foot of the Misti Volcano.

We used to have a guinea pig as a pet when I was a kid. Here in Peru they seem to end up on the dinner plate instead 🙂

It was then time for a few more salsa lessons. I think I’m making baby steps in the right direction in this new challenge of mine. At my hostel I met a girl from Colombia who explained a bit about their salsa obsession up there. Cali seems to be the place to go if you want to learn salsa. I will be stopping by!

There is something about Arequipa that I really like, but mostly it is the people I have met here who have made the stay special. Together with Aldo and Frank and some girls from the hostel we headed 15 minutes out of town for an improvised BBQ. Good times with plenty of red wine and by far too much Pisco Sour, a local cocktail made of… well pisco, lemons, sugar and egg whites.

Unpacking my Bianchi bike from the bike box for the first time since I packed in down in Alice Springs some 10 months ago, I could feel it was time to hit the road again. Then I needed to decide what to do with my mountain bike. Having two bicycles is too complicated. I was sad to sell the Scott, after all we have been sharing some real adventure out there in the Andes Mountains, but life must go on…

The last month and a half have been truly social and very different from what life on the bike usually is like. I have enjoyed it a lot, but I do feel that the road is calling once again. It is time to put the panniers back on the bike and get this expedition back on two wheels!

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  1. I guess it’s like selling a car, that you’ve been driving for years. Lots of memories attached to it! But, two bikes would be difficult!