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Day 1517, Chimbote – Chao: From Jungle to Desert

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Nov - 15 - 2014

Distance: 70.50 km
Ride time: 3:48:34
Average: 18.50 km/h
Max speed: 55.34 km/h
Total: 30657 km

The changing landscapes here on the Panamerican Highway continue to amaze me. At one point you are cycling through rice fields that would make you think you are in Asia.

Then 20 kilometers further up the road you are back in the desert and you might as well have been in Sahara.

The wind continues to be favorable and you can make some good daily distances. That was what I had in mind for today as well… until I got a flat tire. Then after fixing it I got another one. I have some experience fixing flats by now, and usually it is working out OK, but sometimes it is just difficult to find the holes if they are small and you are at the road side with a lot of noise.

And so I decided to call it an early day in Chao and looked around for a place to stay. Today I chose the more expensive of the two hotels in town – well, expensive in this case meant 13 dollars, and for that you get a nice room room with flat screen TV, Wifi, warm private shower and everything.

I could now fix my tubes in a more comfortable setting then along the road side. Hopefully better luck on the road tomorrow!

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