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Day 1526, Mancora: Tropical Paradise, Finally…

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Dec - 09 - 2014

So far South America hasn’t been a beach holiday. In fact, what I remember the most from the last 11 months is fighting crazy head winds in Patagonia, climbing 4000 m passes, and camping at below -10°C on the altiplano. Now that I’m very close to equator one would expect things to turn more tropical – and that was exactly what happened when I arrived in Mancora.

I checked into a lovely hostel with pool and everything: price, $7.75 per night. Usually these hostels are full of backpackers from all over the world, but almost all the guests at this place seemed to be university students from Lima.

To get into town (Mancora is very small, just two streets really), you would walk along the beach.

On the walk back towards the hostel at sunset the colors turned magic. I don’t mind being back at the tropics…

At the hostel I met a Spanish girl who had been staying in Mancora for a month. I can certainly see why this is a place that would be hard to leave. I think my own strategy will be to leave tomorrow morning, as I really want to reach the border with Ecuador, only a days cycling away.

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