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Day 1548, Babahoya – San Miguel: Shaking Things Up

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Dec - 29 - 2014

Distance: 69.14 km
Ride time: 5.52.34
Average: 11.76 km/h
Max speed: 27.18 km/h
Total: 31942 km

The easy days of cycling were over as I was heading straight for the Andes once again. The majestic mountain range has now been my trusty companion for a whole year – and what a companion!

Normally I don’t drink that much water while out cycling. Today was different. I was riding through a hot jungle landscape and as the road started to climb there was absolutely no wind. I was drinking liter after liter of water trying to make up for all the sweating.

Up above I could now see the clouds. I was praying to reach them soon to cool down a bit. My prayers were heard. Suddenly I was inside the clouds and it started to rain. I was only happy about this!

The gearing on my road bike is not really made for these very steep climbs with a full load of luggage. On the other hand I had just read Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins’ book where he describes how training with very low RPM and very high intensity made the difference for him. I tried to tell myself that this kind of cycling would make me strong as well, but it was bloody hard.

At sunset I was still on the middle of the climb, so it looked like a camping night. After a long time on the busy Panamerican Highway and in the city of Guayaquil, I was only happy about this. The only sound was the rain drops hitting my tent. Oh, and then a small earthquake just to shake things up a bit!

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2 Responses so far.

  1. Brian Scranage says:

    Happy New Year, Thomas!
    I haven’t caught up with your adventures for a while so I am going to treat myself to an update.
    Keep smashing those hills – you are an inspiration!
    My brother-in law lives in Hundested in Denmark- you will get back there eventually, but in the mean time I hope you continue to enjoy life’s journey. Brian.

  2. Hi Brian! Great to see you here again 🙂 And yes, those hills were a challenge, but now I’m enjoying a well deserved break in Cali, Colombia. Best Happy New Year wishes from down here! Thomas