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Day 1553: Quito Views

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Jan - 06 - 2015

I liked Quito a whole lot. The old city center seems less polished and more authentic than other old towns I have visited lately. The whole setting of this capital city (the highest in the world) among the green mountains is also spectacular in itself.

After the hard cycling through the mountains of Ecuador I was badly in need of a rest day. I looked like an old man as I walked up the stairs towards my hotel room at 3rd floor. Apart from the usual cores like washing clothes and updating the blog, I also managed a quick photo tour. With the buildings, the light, the people, and the mountain background, this place is a treasure trove of photo opportunities. I only scratched the surface on my 10 min walk around the block. Now I wish I had taken more.

The place where I was staying, Hostel Sucre right one one of the main squares, was also a cool place. The price of 5$ for your own room is hard to beat, and on top of that you get to meet an interesting group of people; like Diego the professional juggler I met on the street yesterday.

From my room I could see across the street into one of the most expensive hotels in Quito. I wonder how much a room would cost over there, probably 50-100 times more than I was paying.

From my room I also had a nice view over the San Fransisco square and the snow capped mountains behind. I could have stayed here a long time, but while my legs were tired, my mind was set on reaching Colombia as soon as possible. I might continue already tomorrow.

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