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Day 1737, Bahia Honda – Key Largo: In the Florida Keys…

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Jul - 19 - 2015

Distance: 113.2 km
Ride time: 6:04:03
Average: 18.7 km/h
Max speed: 27.0 km/h
Total: 38006 km

Ron and Meredith who both work for the State Parks were up by 6, so despite the number of beers beers we had been drinking yesterday I was on the bike early. I was expecting a nice ride through the Florida Keys, and I was not disappointed.

The day started with a ride over the famous 7 mile bridge. The sunrise light was spectacular!

During the day, as the sun got higher and higher on the sky, the water changed color as well. At midday the beaches had that perfect turquoise color I also experienced down at the Caribbean coast in Mexico.

I stopped at Anne’s beach for a quick swim. To my surprise the water was not much cooler than the air – and the air must have been around 95°F!

I also got the chance to make myself my first peanut butter sandwich since Australia a year and a half ago. I wonder how many of these sandwiches I will eat before reaching Canada!?

A had a steady headwind the whole day, but with surroundings like this it didn’t seem to matter much.

Another little road side celebration – and today did indeed feel like one long celebration. I was humming the Beach Boys song ‘Kokomo’ the whole day; Off the Florida Keys, There is a place called Kokomo… 🙂

As I got closer to Key Largo I gave Ron a call. “I have a treat for you”, he replied. Ron’s friend Erik has a beautiful house right at the beach, and we were invited along for a swim, a beer, and a bite to eat for sunset.

I’m truly happy I made it down to the Keys. Beaches, beers, and new friends. This is good stuff!

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2 Responses so far.

  1. Paul K9PG says:

    all kinds of awesome!

  2. You are so having the time of your life! This has awesome written all over it! Congrats on reaching the 38,000.