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Day 1745: EPCOT and the Walt Disney World

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Jul - 31 - 2015

Everybody knows about the Disney World in Orlando. At first I didn’t think I would go there for a visit – the ticket price alone (a week’s worth of cycling) would be enough to scare me away. But, when Dan invited me along, saying that I couldn’t visit Florida without paying tribute to Mr. Disney, I couldn’t say no… and off we went to EPCOT. At first I didn’t really know what EPCOT was about. I learned that it is a Disney Park about technological innovation and international culture.

The first part of the park consisted of rides. The only problem was that you would be waiting in lines for hours before going for a 10 minute ride. It didn’t matter much though; waiting in lines with Dan was fun as we had many things to catch up on. The hours went by fast.

The other part of EPCOT was the World Showcase with 11 pavilions, each representing a different country. The only country I had not been to before was Canada. Cool enough to walk around the world in 30 minutes, although I prefer the real deal 🙂

After finishing at EPCOT we were thinking about driving back to Frank’s place over on Cape Canaveral, but when Dan’s friend invited us to stay at her house in Orlando we accepted. A great finish to a great day, having Thai food and Coronas with good people in Orlando.

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  1. Paul K9PG says:

    I didn’t know you made it to Disney! That’s fantastic!!!!