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Day 1790, Hancock – Lubec: Southern Style in Maine!

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Nov - 18 - 2015

Distance: 127.3 km
Ride time: 6:17:06
Average: 20.3 km/h
Max speed: 47.9 km/h
Total: 41693 km

If there is one thing that stands out from the last 2 months of cycling through the US, it is the people and the hospitality. This would be my last cycling day in the country, and of course the hospitality would be absolutely world class – also today.

I said goodbye and thank you for such a nice stay to Rick in Hancock before joining the US1 highway heading north – the same highway I had started on from Key West on a very hot and humid summer day some 3800 kilometers ago. Back then Canada had seemed like a very distant country somewhere up there in the north. Now I was almost there.

US 1 took me close to the Atlantic coast with great views over the Acadia National Park. Maine is a great place for cycle touring – especially on a day like today with clear blue skies. I’m hoping the blue skies will continue as I ride into Canada, but fall is coming…

The destination today was Lubec, the easternmost town on the U.S. mainland. Rolling into town after a beautiful cycling day, I did feel that I had reached the “end of the road” in a very local place. Fishing is big out here, and then there are a few tourists, although most people had returned from the summer holidays by now.

That’s Canada right there on the other side of the bridge!!

For a moment I was considering a “Forrest Gump” by turning around and cycle to the West Coast. But well, Canada is right there, and I heard the people are very friendly, so I might as well check it out 🙂

After a quick look around town I was heading towards the home of Pat W5WMU and his wonderful family consisting of his wife Alice and son Doug. The Sonnier family is not local, in fact they are from Louisiana, so even though we are now almost in Canada, I was welcomed with open arms in true Southern style.

You would have to look far to find nicer people. Thanks for the great welcome guys!

The good things didn’t stop here. Another prominent radio amateur was in town as well – none less than Vice Admiral Scott Redd K0DQ. Later that night we all met up at restaurant for great sea food dinner. Wow, what a way to finish the US ride!

Tomorrow will be a rest day among the great people here in Lubec, and then it’s time for Canada.

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4 Responses so far.

  1. What a wonderful trip through the USA! I’m going to miss reading blog updates of one of my most favourite countries. However, I’m looking forward to reading them about one of my other favourite countries – Canada!

  2. Thanks a lot Stephen… and yes, stand by – there is a lot of good stuff coming from Canada as well 🙂

  3. Scott Sonnier says:

    Thanks for your postings Thomas. Glad you met Mom, Dad and my brother Doug back a couple of years ago and glad to run across your postings in reviewing Dad’s web-life in the last few years. I live in New Orleans and have had few opportunities to get to Lubec over the last few years. Man, how I wish I would have been at that table and many other dinners with Dad in the last few years. Although a bit biased, I also appreciate the welcome-ness that dad (and mom)always expressed.

  4. Hi Scott. My deepest condolences in this difficult time. I’m glad you found this page on my blog. I have such great memories from my visit to your family in Lubec. Such amazing people. Best wishes, Thomas