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Day 1794, Saint John – Petit Codiac: Into The Wilderness

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Dec - 07 - 2015

Distance: 103.3 km
Ride time: 5:28:36
Average: 18.9 km/h
Max speed: 50.0 km/h
Total: 41938 km

A big thank you to Andy and Debbie for the great welcome to Saint John, and a great welcome to Canada as a country in general! What a nice way to start my ride here.

After another solid breakfast it was time to hit the road again. I now have a flight ticket from Newfoundland back to Europe in three weeks time: The last stage on this America ride that started in Argentina more than 1½ years ago – bring it on!

Today was the first day in a very long time that I didn’t know where I would be sleeping at night. Almost everyday in the States I had a contact to another family who had selflessly invited me to stay. This amazing show of hospitality will forever be imprinted on my mind when I think about my time there.

The thing is that I also find it hard to always be the guest and the center of attention. Lately I have been going from home to home, meeting new people, and telling my stories from the road every night. When you do this for two months straight, you start to need a break. Hence I had secretly been looking forward to reaching this part of Canada where population is getting sparse: It was once again just me, my bike, and my tent. Back to simple life…

It was indeed a relaxing day on the road in New Brunswick. I’m cycling on Highway 1 which I imagine is the busiest road in the province. Yet, everything is very quiet, the traffic is light, and once in a while I will pass a small town with a gas station or a supermarket to buy a drink or a bite to eat. Add to that the wonderful Canadian people who are always up for a quick chat, and the Canadian ride is a comfortable one so far.

As the daylight ran out I simply pulled over to the side of the road and put up my tent behind some trees. I have rarely felt as safe wild camping as out here on the country side of the Maritimes.

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