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Day 1990, Mazabuka – Lusaka: Welcome Beer

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Mar - 29 - 2016

Distance: 140.3 km
Ride time: 8:48:53
Average: 15.9 km/h
Max speed: 37.4 km/h
Total: 47122 km

In the morning I was 140 km from Lusaka, the capital of Zambia and thought I would just about be able to make it there at sunset. I had been in contact with Africa cyclist Dave from who had generously offered me a place to stay. Luckily so, because the hotel rooms in Lusaka can by very expensive. Yep, even in Africa the Canadians seem to be the most friendly people on earth 🙂

It would have made more sense if it was the other way around, but the road got narrower and narrower as I got closer to Lusaka. It also seems that the flat days of cycling are over for a while. I was climbing a couple of good hills while the trucks slowly overtook.

A downhill later I passed the beautiful Kafue River. This must be a nice place for the people of Lusaka to escape the city for an afternoon. I had time for a quick bite to eat before I continued towards the capital.

As soon as I arrived at Dave’s house I was offered the first of many beers. Good cycling stories were being exchanged, and it was clear that Lusaka would be a great place to stop for a few days!

(For some reason my Garmin didn’t record the middle 70 km of today’s ride)

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  1. Talking about hills, judging by your more recent rides, it’s getting hillier as you continue on. 🙂