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Day 2016, Mpanda – Lugufu: Into The Wild

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on May - 25 - 2016

Distance: 105.6 km
Ride time: 7:49:24
Average: 13.5 km/h
Max speed: 37.8 km/h
Total: 49202 km

I have a detailed map on my phone for this part of Tanzania – and my map doesn’t show a single village for the next 200 km. Furthermore the road is supposed to be rough. I made sure to stock up on water and food as I left Mpanda in the morning.

As soon as I left town I was heading into the jungle, and things did indeed get very remote. I would see a local on a bicycle here and there, but they would often disappear on a small path into the woods where I guess their huts are located. I don’t think they see many foreigners out here. When I did see a few locals we both looked at each other with great curiosity 🙂

I was pretty excited about entering those remote Tanzanian mountain roads but now that I’m here all is certainly good. Great cycling, in and out of forests, up and down over hills… A few cars passed me throughout the day, so if anything should happen there is a way out after all.

That’s what I call horns!

I have been very lucky with the weather. Before I entered the dirt roads there would be an afternoon shower every day. We havn’t had that the last days, which means that the road is in a rideable condition – not always a smooth ride though…

It was obviously going to be a camping night since I hadn’t seen a single house all day. I found a great spot to put up my tent on a small hill overlooking a valley. Thunderclouds were covering the night sky somewhere far away in the distance. Luckily my spot stayed dry, and a had a good night’s sleep.

That’s what I call good cycling adventure out here in this remote corner of Tanzania!

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  1. The mountain bike was obviously a good choice!