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Day 2024, Kigoma – Kasulu: Back On Dirt

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on May - 29 - 2016

Distance: 92.2 km
Ride time: 6:34:32
Average: 14.0 km/h
Max speed: 49.0 km/h
Total: 49488 km

My original plan had been to cycle through Burundi on the way to Rwanda. Several cyclists have done this before, but I didn’t realize that things have sadly taken a turn for the worse this year. Instead of cycling through Burundi itself, I would be cycling past the huge Burundian refugee camps in Tanzania. There certainly is a lot of UN vehicles on the road these days.

If you don’t go through Burundi, there is no tarmac road out of Kigoma. Thus I was once again back on dirt while climbing away from Lake Tanganyika. The road was in much better shape than the one I had used last week, and with a fair amount of traffic. No chance to listen to music or podcasts as you surely wanted to get out of the way when the trucks and buses went by in a cloud of dust.

In Kasulu I easily found another cheap Tanzanian guesthouse and settled in for the night. From here it should only be 4 days of cycling to Rwanda. A country I have been looking forward to visit.

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  1. A shame you didn’t get to go through Burundi. But the diversion is still a new place you’ve never been to before. 🙂