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Day 2034, Lyantonde – Kayabwe: Crossing Equator!

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Jul - 13 - 2016

Distance: 125.3 km
Ride time: 7:50:28
Average: 16.0 km/h
Max speed: 65.2 km/h
Total: 50430 km

A typical morning on the road in Uganda; rolling hills, low clouds, plenty of people and cyclists along the road, and a positive atmosphere 🙂

Otherwise the big thing on my mind today was crossing the equator – it’s interesting how this imaginary line can mean so much, but after all it was quite a big thing for me.

In the late afternoon I was finally there, crossing the equator for the 3rd and final time on this trip. The first time going south was on a boat between two islands in Indonesia, then north of Quito in Ecuador, and now finally in Uganda! It was time to stop and celebrate…

I love the southern hemisphere including Australia and New Zealand, South America and of course Africa. In the last five years I have spent considerably more time in those places than up north. Crossing the equator would indeed be an indication that I’m on my way back home.

As I was taking my photos I got to talk to Ashok and his family. Originally from India but now working in Kampala, we had an interesting talk about both India, Africa, and the cycling trip. Ashok mentioned that he has a friend who runs an orphanage north of Kampala, and that I surely would be very welcome to stop by. I think I might just do that – and such are the wonders of a random road side encounter in the middle of Africa 🙂

To mark my love for the southern hemisphere I decided to cycle back a few kilometers to spend a final night in this part of the world, thinking about all the amazing experiences “down under” over those last five years.

Tomorrow I will be back up north!

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4 Responses so far.

  1. One day, you must return to the southern hemisphere!

  2. That is certainly the plan, Stephen…sooner or later 🙂

  3. If you come back to Australia, and I’m still here, you will have to be re-introduced to the Sherrin!

  4. Currently cycling from Kenya to Congo and at moment am in kayabwe. Its an amazing place, the people, hilly landscapess and its beautiful.