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Day 2171, El Pas de la Casa – Mirepoix: French With a Capital F

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Jan - 12 - 2017

Distance: 106.1 km
Ride time: 4:36:00
Average: 23.1 km/h
Max speed: 52.2 km/h
Total: 55623 km

Yesterday we had arrived to Pas de la Casa in the middle of a cloud. This morning was the first chance to see where we had actually ended up; a skiing village in full summer at 2000 meters in the Pyrenees.

Having a 1500 m descend in front of us I thought it was time to change my break pads – the first new set since leaving Cape Town in January. With the breaks in order we rolled out of Pas de la Casa, out of Andorra, and into France for yet another new country by bike.

The Pyrenees provides an extensive natural barrier between Spain and France, and the difference in culture and architecture is big. The very first village we passed after descending 700 meters was full on French with a capital F.

Another difference between Spain and France was evident only a few minutes into the new country; the drivers are much more aggressive than over in Spain – in fact cycling was often downright unpleasant. I don’t remember drivers passing this close even in Africa. It was quite a shock for both Manon and myself. Hopefully we will be able to find some cycling paths over the next days… or maybe just get used to the craziness.

Not only does the architecture change, the people also look much more Northern European with a few blondes thrown in here and there. I certainly got one step closer to home today.

We continued to roll down the Pyrenees at a steady pace, stopping for a coffee and a baguette here and there. The price level increased a fair bit as well – something to get used to as things will only get more and more expensive the further north in Europe we go.

I have now been sharing the adventure with Manon since she joined in Morocco a month and a half ago. Thats already two continents and 5 countries – wow, well done smukke 🙂 The plan is that we will cycle together to Montpelier in southern France where Manon will take a bus back to The Netherlands where we will meet up again in a couple of weeks.

For now we ended up in the historical town of Mirepoix. I find it very fascinating that the streets here have not changed since the 13th century. What a beautiful introduction to France down here at the foot hill of the Pyrenees. Tomorrow we are ready for more.

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  1. France looks fantastic!