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Day 2175, Montpellier – Connaux, France: Back to Business

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Jan - 14 - 2017

Distance: 112.4 km
Ride time: 5:54:13
Average: 19.0 km/h
Max speed: 49.0 km/h
Total: 55963 km

Our Warmshower host Jöel, an avid cyclist himself, joined me for the first 15 kilometers out of town. Knowing the local roads is always a big help and I was now set up to join an old railway line turned into a bike path for the next 40 km.

After Jöel turned around I was very much on my own again; spending the last two months cycling with Manon, this felt pretty strange. I will miss Manon in too many ways to mention here – and you will surely miss her great photos. Now you are stuck with my average shots again…

I was cycling through the French country side and passing charming villages – yet I felt less like an explorer and more like in “mission mode” today. Autumn is arriving in this part of France and the weather will only turn worse as I make it further north. I have been on the road for almost six years, and now its time to go home – hopefully before the snow arrives in Denmark!

Nimes is another medieval town with an impressive city center. I remembered that my friend Vanessa from Australia had been on vacation here a month ago. This time I was a bit too late to meet up, but I find it fascinating how those friendships across our globe work. Who knows where we might meet the next time.

The idea these days is basically to cycle from sunrise to sunset. I managed to find a camp site with a few minutes to spare before darkness – the only problem being that the reception was already closed for the day. I sneaked in and put up my tent anyway. Lets see if I will be able to pay for my stay tomorrow.

The nights are getting longer and cooler as autumn sets in. Falling asleep in my tent listening to the wind in the trees, it felt like the warm and tropical days at the Mediterranean are already far away. Next stop northern Europe.

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3 Responses so far.

  1. I don´t think there are ever enough ways to explain how much I missed not cycling by your side…

  2. The almighty Thomas has been brought down by Manon. 🙂

    Manon, we’re all going to have to put up with Thomas’ photos for the next several posts. 🙂

  3. Suzanne Jager says:

    Yes, we will miss seeing Manon by your side, keeping you company and just knowing you are not alone!! Your pictures are great Thomas, can almost smell the countryside!! Keep safe please!!