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Day 2191, Gemert – Kleve, Germany: A Day of Goodbyes

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Jan - 22 - 2017

Distance: 51.7 km
Ride time: 2:31:29
Average: 20.5 km/h
Max speed: 34.6 km/h
Total: 57275 km

I had enjoyed my time in The Netherlands immensely – which was why I was feeling sad that today would be a day of goodbyes. Goodbye to Manon who was flying back to Colombia, and goodbye to Holland as I would be riding into Germany.

After the goodbye at the Central Station in Utrecht I was on a train back to Gemert where my bike was parked. In contrast to the otherwise great autumn weather we had enjoyed the last days, things were turning gray, dark, and windy as I made my way across The Netherlands. I can only hope the weather will stay more or less stable the next 10 days it will take me to go back to Denmark.

The good thing about the wind was that it came from the right direction. I was blown the first 30 flat kilometers towards the border with Germany.

After crossing the Meuse river I was suddenly out of The Netherlands – just like that. Germany will be the final stop before reaching home soil. I would say I know Germany reasonably well and I speak a bit of the language. I’m expecting a nice and comfortable ride here and will hopefully be able to catch up with a few friends on the way.

Germany provided a few climbs – or well, the hills were only 50 meters high, but even that felt like climbing after having cycled across the super flat Netherlands. A Google search showed no open camp sites in the area – back to wild camping then!

I was hit by a surprise rain shower as I was putting up my tent but managed to get inside before the heavens really broke loose. The final stage of Cycling The Globe is underway – next stop will be the Central Square of Copenhagen!

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  1. Interesting sculpture on the roundabout!