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Day 43: Uzunköprü – Gelibolu

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Nov - 15 - 2010

Distance: 98.49 km
Ridetime: 5:04:11
Average: 20.3 km/h
Total distance: 3072 km

The first of many highlights today was passing the 3000 km mark on a hill outside Uzunköprü.

I have certainly had my share of sunshine for the last weeks so thought I had to be satisfied with a cloudy and foggy day. However, with the morning fog disappearing I was soon bathing in sunshine again. As I rode over a couple of hills I was rewarded with this view.

Ladies and Gentleman, the first view of the Mediterranean, my travel companion for the next weeks. Do I need to say how excited I am to be here?

15 km before Gelibolu I stopped at a gas station to buy a drink. I didnt even manage to get off the bike before a man gave me his hand and introduced himself as Mehmet, manager of the gas station. A few moments later I was invited to stay at his place for the night.

Mehmet even arranged a visit to a fort on top of a hill and a stop at the sea before going out to buy food. All this from a man who was confronted by a total stranger a few hours before and now doing everything he possibly could to make me feel welcome and comfortable. Very descriptive of the amazing hospitality you will find in Turkey.

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8 Responses so far.

  1. Marie says:


  2. Mor says:

    YABBI YABBI DUH… sikke billeder..

  3. Morten says:

    Amazing views, photos and story! Can I come? 😀

  4. Chetz says:

    Hi Thomas

    Lovely Picture…. Nice Scenery… Cool… You are enjoying the travel…. Really Happy to see such a great Guy…

  5. Yesim says:

    Hi Thomas,

    my parents are from Gelibolu…and spend every year my Summmer Holiday there…Its amazing there… Not touristik and not so much peaple.. I love it!

  6. Thomas says:

    Thanks for the nice comments! And yes I agree, great place!

  7. Hans Jørgen says:

    18-11-2010 1646 UTC.
    Tak for 40 M CW QSO Thomas fra TC033TAI. Du har vel en KX1 eller lignende med. Fortsat god tur. 73 Hans Jørgen OZ7BQ.

  8. Diego says:

    Nice Thomas! It must be an amazing feeling to see the Mediterranean after crossing Europe. About the stray dogs, don´t worry: Marta´s little “whatever” will keep them away!!! 😉