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Day 795: Marla – Wintinna Creek

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Dec - 12 - 2012

Distance: 96.87 km
Ridetime: 6:24:11
Average: 15.1 km/h
Max speed: 22.6 km/h
Total distance: 14794 km

I didn’t think my average speed could go much lower than yesterday, but apparently it could. In the morning I still needed 55 km to reach the Marla Roadhouse – the first house I would see for 180 km. It was quite a fight to get there. The wind was strong and the kilometers went by slowly. Even as I passed the 10 km sign it still felt like an effort to get to the roadhouse, considering that my speed showed 12 km/h.

When I finally reached the roadhouse, I rewarded myself with a can of coke. One of the best cokes I ever had!! I had decided to stay at the roadhouse over the midday heat. The roadhouse also had a campground. I never use them because I see no good reason to pay 15-20$ when you might as well camp for free. The official camp sites do have one thing I need though – a shower! I sneaked in and got mine for free anyway. It felt good!

Afterwards I hang around and had some nice chats with the people passing by. One group of people had been working on a film set in the outback for the last two weeks and were now on their way back to Melbourne. I also met a very nice couple from Switzerland and got the chance to practise a bit of German.

After a nice 4 hour break I felt ready to hit the road again. The wind had even died down a little, and I was almost able to make my daily 100 km despite the long break.

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